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1000 Things Before Kindergarten


Training webinar linked here.

Powerpoint from webinar linked here. 1000 Things Before Kindergarten Training


Print Materials for download and customization. If you previously received materials from LVA at no charge, please use the “request additional materials” section below.

CAVEAT: You MUST retain the funding attribution to IMLS and LVA on all materials.



1kb4k Customizable Flyer

Pocket Folder …is too large to be uploaded. Please contact Sue La Paro (susan.laparo@lva.virginia.gov) to access a copy.

Wall Poster….is also too large to be uploaded. Contact Sue!

1ktB4K Press Release Template

1000 Things Before Kindergarten LVA newsletter draft


**Request materials here:


**Please note you may only order materials with authorization from your library director or youth services manager and must be ordered by the entire system, not just one branch (unless you are a 1 branch system).


Data Reporting

Within the federal fiscal year of 10/1/19 to 09/30/20, the data elements that need to be captured are:

  1. How many children participated? This is defined as children who read at least 100 books and received their first prize.
  2. How many children completed? This is defined as children who read 1000 books, regardless of what fiscal year they started in.

Please report your annual data (meaning we only need this once a year!) by November 15th, by completing this survey monkey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/1kb4kDATAREP


Social media posts for download and customization


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