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Virginia Evergreen Libraries Consortium

This project provides an affordable open source integrated library system (ILS) to interested libraries that can be integrated into websites and mobile technology.  Priority is to transition libraries from school based or old/non supported software.  If a public library is interested in joining the Virginia Evergreen Libraries (VEL) Consortium, please contact the program manager Nan Carmack.  Below are libraries that are currently in the VEL Consortium.

Work Flow Template  |  Release Notes  |  Training Recordings  |  Timeline  |  Incoming Libraries

Evergreen Inventory Work Flow Template

Evergreen Release Notes


Please contact Nan Carmack (804/692-3792 or nan.carmack@lva.virginia.gov for log in credentials)
The following trainings are available at https://equinoxoli.litmos.com/

  • Local Administration–permanent access. This webinar is perfect for the new Evergreen user.
  • Self-Check Set Up Tutorial…permanent access | Recording of Live Session
    • FAQ’s answered post session:
      • Is it possible to change the text “Please enter an item barcode” in the self-checkout interface to say something else, such as “Please scan in the item barcode”? This change is possible and it could be made for the entire consortium.  If this change is needed, all libraries that decide to use the self-checkout interface would need to agree on the wording that is used.
      • Is it possible to remove references to printing receipts in the self-checkout interface?
        • This change can be made and it could be done on an individual library basis, as needed, or consortium-wide if there is consensus that no libraries will provide receipt printing from self-checkout kiosks.
    • Credit Card Set Up documentation

Timeline of VEL

Notes for Incoming Libraries

  • Consortial cataloging can be a hard reality for those who are used to customizing bib records to best meet the searching needs of our patrons.
    • Details that were previously added to fields such as title or edition can be inserted as a 5xx note.
  • Training is mandatory for all new EG catalogers (even experienced catalogers migrating into the consortium) and will stress the importance of standardized records.


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