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Front Line Customer Service Online Course (February 2022)

The Library of Virginia Library and Networking Division is excited to announce a new online course, Front Line Customer Service!

Access the course here: https://my.nicheacademy.com/libraryofvirginia-staff/course/38645

or on the front page of LVA’s Niche Academy: https://my.nicheacademy.com/libraryofvirginia-staff

Front-line customer service employees work to create a welcoming environment in the library. They are service professionals who work directly with customers to create positive experiences and to build long-lasting relationships. They are an essential part of the library experience, usually being the first point of contact with the customer through greeting them, handling their issues, and answering their questions.

Front-line employees also experience the stressors of serving people with difficult behaviors that can affect their confidence, self-esteem, and their ability to create a welcoming experience for all. We often forget to support our people on the front lines, even though they are the heart and soul of the organization.

A library without a confident, knowledgeable, and well-supported staff is only a well-intentioned building.

In this six-module interactive and skill sharpening Front Line Customer Service online course, library employees will learn, explore, engage and grow personally and professionally through videos, exercises, knowledge checks, and more in current and relevant topics including:

  • Growing Your Confidence in Serving Customers
  • Creating a Positive Customer Experience for Everyone
  • Handling Difficult Customer Behaviors with Less Stress and More Satisfaction
  • Creating Workplace Safety and Environmental Awareness
  • Recognizing Positive Customer Behaviors and Stopping Customer Bashing!

Throughout this course, you will have the opportunity to discover and apply proven techniques to create relationship-building experiences, even for your most difficult customer. Each module is designed to grow your confidence and skills in only one to two hours per week and includes time for you to reflect on your learning.

Access the course here:  https://my.nicheacademy.com/libraryofvirginia-staff/course/38645

NOTE: This is a self-paced course. You can learn on your own time and schedule.

Positive Interactions 2020 Update: Making the Library a Welcoming and Empowering Place for People with Disabilities (Tutorial from ALA)

You will gain a solid understanding of the broad and diverse types of disabilities, and how they impact the way people use the library and its resources. Build better relationships with library users with disabilities and maximize their empowerment and engagement. Gain tips for effective library outreach to people with disabilities and partnerships with related organizations and customer services tips you can apply to all types of library users.

This tutorial is designed to provide an introduction to all library staff, including support staff, general professional staff, age-level or subject specialists, managers, and administrators about communicating and interacting with people with disabilities.

This webcast and update were developed and narrated by Brenda Hough. Brenda has been a librarian for more than 15 years. She has delivered training and education for the Northeast Kansas Library Systems, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WebJunction, the Public Library Association, Emporia State University, UIUC’s Certified Public Library Administrator program, and more.

See below for access information. This will expire on July 31, 2022.

Thank you for purchasing “Positive Interactions 2020 Update: Making the Library a Welcoming
and Empowering Place for People with Disabilities”, a video presentation presented as part of
RUSA’s Accessibility Academy.
Below is information about how to access the recording and associated documents.
View the session here: https://vimeo.com/572299759
The Password is: Virginia
Download the complementary documents here: https://www.ala.org/rusa/documents-accessability-academy
Questions about the Academy? Contact RUSA Program Officer-Continuing Education Ninah
Moore at nmoore@ala.org.

Upcoming Training  |  Librarian’s Professional Certificate  |  Master’s Programs

The mission of the Library of Virginia’s Continuing Education Program is to enhance library staff’s capabilities in all phases of library service through a comprehensive training program.

The Library of Virginia sponsors a variety of training opportunities each year to help those responsible for library service to develop their skills and learn new approaches. Workshops and conferences cover such topics as library services to special populations, cataloging databases reference services, children and youth services, library trustees and friends of the Library. An annual public library director’s training is offered in the fall.

Upcoming Training

To register for any of the upcoming training opportunities please view our schedule of events

Librarian’s Professional Certificate

Public libraries serving a political subdivision or subdivisions having a population greater than 15,000 and libraries operated by the Commonwealth or under its authority, shall not employ, in the position of librarian or in any other full-time professional librarian position, a person who does not meet the qualifications established by the State Library Board.

To obtain a Librarian Professional Certificate for the Commonwealth of Virginia visit: http://www.lva.virginia.gov/lib-edu/certification.asp

Master in Library Science Programs

At this time the only program to offer local classes in library science is the Catholic University of America.  However, there is a range of online programs available for those interested in pursuing a master’s in library and information science.

Old Dominion University, in Norfolk, Virginia: Master of Library and Information Studies Program at Old Dominion University is accredited by the American Library Association Committee on Accreditation, with the status of Initial accreditation. The next comprehensive review visit is scheduled for Fall 2028. Learn more here.

Virginia participates in the Academic Common Market (ACM) program, which is an arrangement among Southern states allowing students to pay reduced tuition rates at a non-Virginia college or university while studying in select programs not available at Virginia public institutions.  An application for participation and further information about the program is available on their Web site.

The following colleges and universities offer distance education programs for a library science degree.



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