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OverDrive ebooks, digital audiobooks, digital magazines

What is it?

    • A  collection of downloadable ebooks, digital audiobooks, and over 3,000 popular magazines
    • Magazines are unlimited simultaneous use
    • Ebooks and digital audiobooks are in a variety of lending models

How Do Patrons Access It?

This content SHOULD show up in the Libby App along with your library’s collection.  Patrons will currently have to search collections separately to see content.  There is a unification planned in 2021 so that this will not be the case.

Directions for Adding the LVA Collection to your Libby APP (not the website):

  1. Open the Libby app and tap on the Libby icon in the middle of the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap on “Get Some Help” in the “Help and Support” section in the right hand navigation menu
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select “Reset Everything” (which sounds scary but you get it all back when you log in again–and no, you won’t lose your holds).
  4. Log in again with your local library card information.
  5. Tap “add library”
  6. Search for Library of Virginia
  7. When prompted, where do you want to use your card, do NOT choose Library of Virginia; tap Choose Another Location.
  8. Choose your local library from the list of all of the VA libraries.
  9. Enter your local library card and tap Sign In.
  10. Click Next and you’ll be on the LVA collection screen.
  11. Tap the Libby icon in the middle of the bottom of the screen.
  12. You should now see both your local library/consortium collection and the Library of Virginia collection under Your Libraries. You can toggle between those.

Training Support?

Marketing Support?

Technical Support?

  • Known Bug: If patrons cannot see the Library of Virginia collection in the Libby app, patrons should log out of their account and log back in. Once done with their local library card, the Library of Virginia collection should be visible. If not, contact Nan Carmack below.
  • OverDrive Team
    • Account Manager:  Nick Kopera, nkopera@overdrive.com – main point of contact, contracts, questions, concerns.
    • Content Specialist:  Maria Fesz, mfesz@overdrive.com – content specific inquiries, cart building requests, curation questions and requests
    • Product Support Specialist:  Bart Kalnay, bkalnay@overdrive.com – technical site issues, MARC Records
  • LVA Support:  Nan Carmack, nan.carmack@lva.virginia.gov or 804/692-3792


  1. Login into Overdrive Marketplace (https://marketplace.overdrive.com/) using your LVA login and password (contact Barry Trott, barry.trott@lva.virginia.gov or Nan Carmack, nan.carmack@lva.virginia.gov if you do not have login credentials)
    1. Login name looks like libraryva.lib.[username]
  2. Click the Insights tab and then choose Checkouts
  3. Click Run new report
  4. In the report window select the following options:
    1. Checkouts by: choose Branch
    2. Branch: choose your library
    3. Format: click your format, All Ebooks, All Audiobooks, or Overdrive Magazines
      1. To remove a choice open the dropdown menu and unclick the choice
    4. Date range: choose specific
    5. Set your start and end dates
  5. Click Update
  6. In the results you will see the total number of checkouts for that format
  7. To drill into the data, click the library name to open a list of all the titles checked out
  8. If you wish you can download this list as an Excel file by clicking Create worksheet
  9. Repeat for other content formats

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