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Ebsco Access for Schools (including Canvas intergration)

Gale in Context: Elementary : has been updated to authenticate in the following order: first, it will try to geo-authenticate, then will try the IP address, then will move to a log in screen that can accept a library barcode or the generic credentials

userID: VAlib

password: Read1!

Students can create a internal account to save research individually, despite the group log in.

For LMS integration, Gale has Customer Success Managers (CSM) who will work with each school individually to help them get setup for integration of Gale content with a Learning Management System (LMS).    Librarians can email gale.customersucess@cengage.com and someone will get back to them.  The Gale Support Site for technical documents also has LMS installation guides.


Please consider linking these pathfinders to your library’s website:

Resources for Virginia’s military families.

Inclusive resources for all Virginians with a barrier to library services.


As you may know, the “Explora” interface is the Google-esque search engine for the databases.

Explora for Middle and High School Users

Explora for Primary School Users *Note: although this video fails to point it out, you can also limit by Lexile…frankly, the Explora for Middle and High is a better video and is also relevant to Primary.

Gale in Context Elementary This link takes you to the support page for assistance in searching, configuration and Google classroom integration.

This link takes you to lesson plans, scavenger hunts, etc…from GIC: Elementary

Creating an internal Ebsco “account” For more on creating an account within Explora, as referenced in the videos, view this article. Creating an account within does NOT collect student data aside from a name and an email address.

Google Schools/Classrooms: If you are a Google School, this video goes over the details of using Besco products in your Google classroom.

Lesson Plans: Ebsco has created a pretty good sized repository of lesson plans on a variety of topics, including digital literacy. They can be found here:


eBooks: . Please find below tutorials on using eBooks. The tutorials don’t represent the robust collection well–there is an abundance of graphic novels, popular titles, etc. So, if you’re on hold for something at your public or school library, check to see if you can score a copy on Ebsco. Also note that Lexile level is only noted on books that the publisher actually provided a Lexile level. I wish it were a comprehensive way to search, but alas it is not.

Searching eBooks

Downloading eBooks


Marketing to Parents and Teachers

Download and customize these guides to send home with students or share with teachers.

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