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Known Problems: Geo-authentication is proving a challenge. If it asks for a username and password, try these things:

1. Apply the “cookie killer:”

‘The Cookie Killer’… http://search.ebscohost.com/testauth.aspx  

….and here is a screencast of what you will see before using the link and what you should see after using it.


2. Failing that, here is a generic

  • username: valib
  • password: va@lib1

What is Explora?
Ebsco databases are organized into three categories for audience appropriate content. “Explora” is the google-esque interface deployed by Ebsco for searching.

Explora Public Libraries searches

  • EBSCO Master File Complete
  • EBSCO ReadIt!
  • Newspaper Source
  • Ebsco eBooks
  • Cricket Media

Explora High School searches

  • EBSCO Master File Complete
  • EBSCO ReadIt!
  • Newspaper Source
  • Ebsco eBooks High School and History Collections
  • Cricket Media

Explora Middle School searches

  • EBSCO ReadIt!
  • Newspaper Source
  • Ebsco eBooks K-8 Collection
  • Cricket Media

Explora Primary School searchers

  • EBSCO ReadIt!
  • Ebsco eBooks K-8 Collection
  • Cricket Media

Direct links are here but require YOUR EBSCO CLIENT #. If you don’t know it, contact Nan Carmack or your EBSCO rep.

Wherever you see ns004890, you would need to put your client number….

Explora Public Libraries:

Explora High School:

Explora Middle School:

Explora Primary:

MasterFILE Complete:

Read It!

Cricket Media:


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