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Early Learning by World Book is an immersive early childhood digital resource for young learners eager to explore information about the world around them. The device agnostic site features content organized by topic of interest and relevance to these young learners, from Dinosaurs to Tough Trucks and includes 12 stories in Spanish as well as English. Short bursts of content supports micro-learning, and read-aloud with word-by-word highlighting makes the content accessible to all children as they learn their colors, numbers, and more while having fun. Classic songs, nursery rhymes, and fairy tales complete the program, and are often included in the lesson plans and other educational materials available in the For Grownups section for educators.


Watch a recorded webinar in World Book’s Recorded Webinar Archive!

Read about all the components of Early Learning on the World Book Training Guide.

Download a MARC record

MARC records for all World Book Online products are available from the MARC records page on the World Book Training Guide. Click to add MARC records to your collection. Please note that this download includes both a record of the online resource itself as well as records for the individual stories. Records must be edited to reflect the sub-account number in the base URL of each 856 field.


Each library has a specific URL for statistical purposes. At the end of the URL is subacct= and you will need to find your subacct number here: Early Learning sub accounts.  Full URLs for Early Learning accounts are provided in the PDF. Below is an example of how the URL is constructed.


Pamunkey Regional Library’s subacct number is M8885 so the URL would look like this:

Early Learning by World Book: https://www.worldbookonline.com/ewol/home?subacct=M8885

Base URL (add subacct number)

Early Learning by World Book:


To use this graphic for Early Learning on your website, cut and paste the following HTML into your webpages. Remember to add your subacct number.

<a href=”https://www.worldbookonline.com/ewol/home?subacct=”><img src=”https://www.worldbookonline.com/assets/admin-asset/widgets/worldbook_ewol.gif” alt=”Early Learning” border=”0″ /></a>

Social Media

Visit the Early Learning by World Book section of the World Book Training Guide to view images and written explanations for all of the components of Early Learning. Right-click on any image, save it to your computer, and copy and paste some of the supporting text right from the Training Guide in your social media advertising for Early Learning. Add your library-specific link for easy access in the post text.


E-mail: wboltech@worldbook.com
Phone: 800-338-8382
Please include your name, the library name, account #, a phone number, and a detailed description of your question, concern, or comment.

For account #, please use your library’s subacct number.

Request in-person training: Laura.brawley@worldbook.com or (804) 839-0042.

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