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Virginia Libraries Outcomes Report 2019-2020 (E-Rate Funding Year 2020-2021)

2020-21 Library of Virginia E-Rate Report  |  Video: E-Rate for Virginia Libraries 2019-20

Created out of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the E-Rate Program is intended to provide discounts on telecommunications services, internet access, and internal connections to libraries and schools.  The “E” stands for Education.  The program is administered by the Schools and Libraries Division, which is a part of the Universal Service Administrative Company, on behalf of the Federal Communications Commission.

The Library Development and Networking Division assists public libraries in understanding the E-Rate process, navigating the rules and regulations, preparing technology plans, and completing applications.

E-Rate Central – Virginia Libraries Team:

Contracts with the Library of Virginia to provide consulting services for E-Rate applicants.  E-Rate Central has an entire team assigned to work with Virginia libraries. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the team who will be working with you to ensure a successful filing process.

    • Mel Van Patten, CEMP – a Certified E-Rate Management Professional, (CEMP) and the former President of the E-Rate Management Professionals Association. Contact: mvanpatten@e-ratecentral.com or (516) 801-7828.
    • Jessica Olsen, CEMP – a Certified E-Rate Management Professional (CEMP) and a member of the E-Rate Management Professionals Association. Contact: jolsen@e-ratecentral.com or (516) 801-7829. 
    • Kerri Dillon, CEMP – an Account Manager with E-Rate Central, a Certified E-Rate Management Professional and a member of the E-Rate Management Professionals Association. Contact: kdillon@e-ratecentral.com or (516) 801-7808.
    • Barbara Rikard – years of experience in various industries, including banking, medical office practice management, legal and IT. Has a strong passion for customer service and great organizational skills. Contact: brikard@e-ratecentral.com or (516) 801-7826
    • Melissa Zaruba – remains a valuable resource for the VA Libraries Team at E-Rate Central, although she is not working as a main E-Rate contact this year.

Questions?  Contact:

Mel Van Patten
E-Rate Central
(516) 801-7828

Cindy Church
State E-Rate Coordinator
Library of Virginia

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