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Best Foot Forward: (Body Language) (Library of Virginia)

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September 6, 2022 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Can a simple change in your posture make you more confident? Can just smiling change your mood? Can understanding body language truly help empower you? The answer is YES!


A large majority of our human communication comes from nonverbals like facial expressions, gestures and posture.  It is universal and we all perform it every day and throughout every interaction.


Learn how to decipher what the body is saying and utilize nonverbal tells for approachability and great customer service, manage conflict and demonstrate authority. Discover not only how to project confidence to others, but really change how you feel, all through body language.


Biography: Holly Klinger

Holly is certified in nonverbal analysis and has been presenting on body language for over ten years. She trains people in a variety of career fields on how to utilize body language effectively and successfully in their profession.  She has presented at the Akron Women’s Bar Association, for three consecutive years at the Ohio Certified Public Accountants Annual Conference, for three years at the Hudson Job Corp. and has been training library staff for over eight years as a Continuing Education trainer at the Northeast Ohio Regional Library System.  She teaches valuable techniques to read and communicate nonverbally and provide ways to put your best foot forward.  From customer service to conflict management to confidence exercises, she teaches nonverbal skills you can use in both your profession and personal life to communicate effectively.

In addition to this, Holly has a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy and has been teaching critical thinking skills for almost twelve years. She trains both students and staff in a variety of professions on how to optimize their critical thinking skills in a practical and effective way.


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