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Ways to serve the 1 in 5 Virginians who have dyslexia

  1. Take our Dyslexia Friendly Library Professional Challenge below!
  2. Familiarize yourself with resources for your library, including a bibliography, are found in the Dyslexia Friendly Libraries Resource Guide.
  3. Listen to this podcast from James L. Hamner Public Library with Rebecca Warner, founder of www.pqbd.org and Decoding Dyslexia organizer.
  4. Watch this webinar on how to host a Decoding Dyslexia support group.

While the DFL Challenge was launched in October as a Dyslexia Awareness Month project, you can still take the challenge  to serve your patrons with dyslexia better. Libraries are probably pretty scary places for someone who can’t read well and an empathetic staff member can make all the difference. Review the who, what, why and how on achieving Dyslexia Friendly status, earning a certificate and a pqbd button.

Who: Any library staff. You do NOT need to hold an MLS/MLIS to participate in this challenge.

What: Dyslexia Friendly Librarian (Library Staff) Certification

Why: 43.5 MILLION people have dyslexia. You serve some of them. You can offer them better service and access, as well as feel good that you can!

When: anytime


*Please note that you may need to disable pop-up blockers to access these simulations

When finished: Completion Form is linked here.  Submit your completion form before November 1st to receive your certificate and button. Give a copy of your certificate to your supervisor as evidence of your professional development. Wear your button to let people know you are dyslexia friendly.

Questions? Contact Nan Carmack (nan.carmack@lva.virginia.gov or 804/692-3792) to learn how to become designated a Dyslexia Friendly Library.

Dyslexia Friendly Libraries State Library Resource Guide

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