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CE General: Webinar Recordings

Pay It Forward (recorded 3/28/19)

The recording is found here.

Downloadable supporting documents are here:

Pay It Forward Virginia slide deck

PREWORK Pay It Forward Actions VirginiaSL 

POSTWORK Pay It Forward Actions VirginiaSL

NewsGuard: An Information Literacy Tool (recorded 2/25/19)

Founded to support information literacy, Newsguard is a free browser extension that offers “nutrition” labels on websites, rating the quality of the reliability of their content. Click here and don’t be alarmed by the orange cone icon. More information about Newsguard can be found here. 

Downloadable educational pieces are here:

Guide to NewsGuard Badges + Nutrition Labels

NewsGuard Browser Extension Visual

NewsGuard Guide for Educators

One page Intro to NewsGuard (1)

Why Should You Trust NewsGuard


PLA 2018 Round Up

Listen to a recording of Virginia attendees sharing their experiences and insights from PLA 2018, including LVA scholarship winners Elzena Anderson and Barbara Gumulak. Topics range from leadership, to youth services, to technical issues. Click here!


Bedbugs 101

An archived webinar from the Indiana State Library: https://continuinged.isl.in.gov/bed-bug-boot-camp-1-leu/

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