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Summer Reading Program

Summer reading programs are a core program that libraries provide to keep children occupied, learning, and safe and off the streets when schools are not in session.  Other agencies, such as parks and recreation departments, museums, religious organizations, and other profit and non-profit organizations, provide out of school learning opportunities and services to children and teens in the community.

The National Summer Learning Association says “Summer Starts in September” because the process of planning, delivering, and improving summer learning programs is continuous. So just as the program ends, planning for the next year should begin.

Summer Starts in September is a comprehensive guide that has everything you need to plan your summer learning program. As you progress through your planning, the TRAIN, ASSESS, and REFLECT companion guides will support you to “complete the cycle

PLAN- As you PLAN, Set summer learning program quality improvement goals, as well as develop and and implement a plan for achieving them.

TRAIN The TRAIN companion guide will help you develop understanding and ownership of summer learning program quality goals and strategies.

ASSESS – The ASSESS companion guide will help you look for evidence of quality improvement during your summer learning program.

REFLECT  The REFLECT companion guide will support you as you review program data and debrief with key stakeholders of your summer learning program.

Please contact Nan Carmack ( ) to request a copy of the book.

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