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Overview of the Early Literacy Activity Center

The purpose of the Early Literacy Activity Center is:

  • To promote early literacy skills; as well as
  • Inspire children to explore and learn through self-discovery;
  • Demonstrate the purpose of reading and writing and inspire children to explore;
  • Demonstrate the purpose and power of print;
  • Encourage social interactions and oral language development;
  • Invite children to gradually understand print concepts;
  • Provide practice with real life experiences that require reading; and
  • Add an element of fun to the library – kids learn when they are having fun.


The Library of Virginia is using grant funds from LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act) to place at Early Literacy Activity Centers in public library buildings.

A video by Baltimore County Public Library will give you an ideal of the purpose and the model we are using to develop the early literacy learning stations.

Early Literacy Throughout the Library (pdf)

Early Literacy Activity Centers will be placed only in those libraries that have expressed a desire to participate in the program.

Our Expectations

  • The Early Literacy Activity Center will be available in the children’s area during normal library hours
  • Items are to be cleaned on a regularly and frequently.
  • Items maliciously broken or destroyed are to be replaced by the library.  The Library may collect the cost of replacement from a library patron, if he or she is responsible for the damage.  Items which cannot be replaced may be charged the retail price of the cost of purchase.


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