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Coaching Workshop

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The Library Development and Networking Division provides quality library training and support to Virginia’s public libraries.  We promote collaborative efforts to prepare children for learning, to support inquiry, creativity and cultural endeavors, and to ensure Virginians thrive and live in healthy communities.

Coaching is a way to support continual learning and improving the quality of services we provide our communities.

Coaching is a way to make good library service better, to make great library service wonderful, and to make wonderful library services awesome.

Our vision is for awesome library service to become common place.

Coaching is process of guiding conversations to enable awareness and to implement personal solutions to challenging issues or areas of performance.  Coaching benefits public libraries as it –

  • Expands thinking through dialogue with professional peers
  • Promotes self-awareness, including blind spots
  • Promotes personal accountability for development
  • Provides one-on-one personal learning on the spot.

Coaching is –

  • Listening in a profound ways
  • Asking questions that cause new thinking and actions
  • Hearing limitations in another person’s speaking
  • Getting the most value and learning from experience
  • Acknowledging people for who they are and the talents they bring to the public library
  • Generating possibilities
  • A way to allow people to change how they relate to something
  • A place to play with ideas
  • A supportive relationship

Coaching is not –

  • Telling how it’s done, or having all the answers
  • A replacement for supervision or management
  • Counseling
  • Fixing people
  • Doing it for them
  • Policing or getting people to work harder

We are looking for library staff who is willing to be a coach/mentor and library staff would be willing to be coached.

Ideal Coach – Mentor

  • Willing and able to participate in a two day training in the September 2015 in Fairfax County. Training will be held over two half days with a follow-up 4-5 hour training in late fall (ideally in November).
  • Deep listener
  • Desire to learn and able to apply coaching techniques with peer library staff – which may be within current library system or at another library system.
  • Willing and able to commit to average of 2 hours per month for this project.
  • Library system willing to support the project.
  • May involve travel or coaching via phone, email or other means.
  • Participate in evaluation of program

Ideal Person to be Coached

  • Desire to improve library skills.
  • Desire to reflect on own talents, behaviors and skills.
  • Desire to apply learning.
  • Obtain support from work place.
  • Participate in evaluation of program.

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