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“I believe libraries should take a more active role in teaching patrons — both children and adults — how to interact with digital materials, whether that is computers, digitized materials, e-books, automatic book checkouts, or other devices. … Libraries should step up to the plate and assume responsibility for the digital education of the community.”

Apps – list of apps which support Literacy, Learning and STEAM

Family Life – books to support Virginia Family Life Curriculum

Lexile – The Lexile level is determined by taking the Lexile score and subtracting 100 and then taking the Lexile score and adding 50. Using this formula a person who Lexile score is 300 would have a Lexile level of 200 to 350. Schools may recommend that students only read within their Lexile level.

Virginia State Reading Association  see “Virginia Reader Choice” The purpose of  Virginia’s Reader Choice is to encourage young readers to become better acquainted with contemporary books with outstanding literary appeal, to broaden students’ awareness of literature as a life-long pleasure, to encourage reading aloud in classrooms as a means of introducing reading for pleasure, and to honor favorite books and their authors.  Pinterest board

see also Collection Development

“I want to be able to incorporate iPads into my story time and school-age programming, and I want to be able to include ‘appvisory’ services for caregivers so that they can utilize technology with their children in informed, intentional ways.”

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