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Summer Reading Software MOU

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MOU Between the Library of Virgina and Your Library System

To request a MOU for your library – please contact Enid Costley at
We will send you a form with your library name on it, for the library director to sign and return to the Library of Virginia.

Summer reading programs are a core program that libraries provide to keep children occupied, learning, and safe and off the streets when schools are not in session.  Other agencies, such as parks and recreation departments, museums, religious organizations, and other profit and non-profit organizations, provide out of school learning opportunities and services to children and teens in the community.
When we put summer reading programs in this greater context of summer learning, it enables us to collaborate and partner with other like-minded organizations.  It also places summer reading in the context of promoting healthy communities.
The Library of Virginia will provide a statewide tracking system for the summer and winter reading programs, school readiness program as well as local and regional reading programs coordinated by Virginia public libraries.
We will be using BookPoints an open source software program designed to manage summer reading programs, for this project.  It was developed by the Galecia Group in partnership with the California Library Association.  The software provides a way for libraries to manage and to track reading activities online, award prizes for reading, and also award electronic badges for reading.  In addition, children may earn badges for attending library programs, completing tasks/challenges within the library or in the community.  The program also includes a reading comprehension quiz provided by the Virginia Department of Education for children completing third and fifth grade.  The quiz with is offered as a simple pre-test and post-test may be used to show impact of your summer reading program.

The Library of Virginia will provide a collection of badges which may be used for the online program.  [Library] may create customized badges using

The Library of Virginia will be using artwork from iREAD for the artwork and gaming features in the program.  If [Library] wishes to use other artwork [Library] will need to obtain copyright permission in writing and provide permission statements to the Library of Virginia for its records. Due to the complexity of some of the program features, it is advisable to have these conversations early.  There may be a fee for the customization.

Initial training will take place fall of 2016 with the National Summer of Learning Association.  This will be followed by online training, and face to face training for library staff.

The [Library] will collect data in the standardized format and only that requested by the Library of Virginia: First name, last name, password, age, school district, school name, primary library of use and branch, email, patron classifications (young child: birth–5 years old, child: 6–12 years old, teen: 13–17 years old, or adult: 18 years or older), number of pages read, number of time spent reading, number of book read, and titles of books read (book titles are not required to be in standardized format), badges earn, activity and program attended. Responses to quizzes will also be collected.
[Library] will comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 and all other federal laws, as well as “2.2-3803: Administration of systems including personal information; Internet privacy policy; exceptions” and all other laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia with regard to privacy laws. This prohibits, but is not limited to, any actions which are threatening, obscene, defamatory, or which violate trade secret, copyright or patent protection, right of privacy or publicity, or which result in the spread of computer viruses or other damaging programs or data files, or which violate any export restrictions (including making non-exportable information or software available to foreign nationals as may be prohibited by law). In the event [Library] is suspected of any such violation, Host reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate that Library’s account.

[Library] will create a password for each person given access to the tracking system. Passwords will not be shared nor will access be given to unauthorized persons.
Facebook and/or other social media connections linked to the tracking system will not be featured to anyone under the age of 18.
Additional data that [Library] wishes to collect through the tracking system must be approved in advance and in writing by the Library of Virginia.
[Library] will have to submit their own privacy statement, have the link added to their program website with their own local contact.  This customization may have a fee associated with it.
If [Library ] wishes to change the website theme/format provided by the Library of Virginia may do so at their own cost. Cost is $150 per hour.
Failure to adhere to these rules and guidelines may result in an immediate loss of the use of the tracking system as well as possible legal consequences.
[Library] is responsible for any materials passed via Host’s system to other networks, and agrees to comply with any restrictions posed by the other network’s terms of service or acceptable use policies.


The Library of Virginia will protect to the best of its ability the confidentiality of any files and electronic mail stored on or exchanged over the system, except as may be necessary to provide the requested Internet services, or as may be necessary to preserve the security and proper operation of system, or to protect Library of Virginia rights or property.
The Library of Virginia, except as otherwise provided for in this Agreement or as required by law, will use its best efforts to avoid disclosing the contents of private electronic mail to anyone other than addressees, authorized recipients, or those to whom such disclosure is necessary to assure forwarding or delivery.
[Library] acknowledges that no system on the Internet can be guaranteed safe from unauthorized intrusion, and therefore any confidential information stored on or transmitted through Host’s system is stored or transmitted at Library’s own risk.

[Library] is responsible for choosing a secure password and for keeping it secret.
[Library] may not attempt to bypass any security mechanisms in place on Library of Virginia system, or use any of Library of Virginia systems or services to attempt to bypass any security mechanisms in place on any remote system. This includes, but is not limited to, running any password cracking software, or attempting to access a system that any Library knows or reasonably should know he or she is not authorized to access in the manner or to the extent attempted.

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