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Boosting Chldren’s Learning with Ready4K Text Messages

Ready4K is a text message curriculum for parents of young children.

Ready4K breaks down the complexity of parenting into small steps that are easy to achieve. In addition, the program provides continuous encouragement and support to parents over an entire school year. Each week, the Ready4K program sends three text messages to parents to help them build their children’s skills by maximizing existing family routines in fun and easy ways.

For example:

FACT: The grocery store is great for building literacy skills. On the way to the store, ask your child to name all of the fruits & vegetable s/he can think of.

TIP: When you’re at the store, go on a letter hunt. Can your child find an “A” on a sign, box, or food label? What about a “B”? Can s/he go all the way to “Z”?

GROWTH: Keep using time at the grocery store to build literacy skills! Ask: What rhymes with egg (leg, peg), cheese (knees, please) & jelly (belly, deli)?   

In a series of randomized controlled trial studies, Stanford University educational researchers found that the Ready4K approach increased parental involvement at home and school, ultimately leading to two to three months of child learning gains in literacy (effects of 0.20 to 0.30 standard deviations, or roughly equivalent to the impact of reducing kindergarten classrooms by five to 10 students). In a follow-up study, these effects persisted after parents received another year of texts. The results of this research have been highlighted in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and Education Week.

The general enrollment process for parents is as follows:

1) Parents fill out the Ready4K Enrollment Form and submit it to staff at their local public library.
2) The data from the enrollment forms is entered into the Ready4K Enrollment (Excel) Spreadsheet by staff at the local public library or may be entered online form at the bottom of this page.
3) Once ParentPowered PBC has the spreadsheet with parent info, they can upload them into our system and start sending messages.
4) Mail or e-mail copies of the completed Ready4K Enrollment Forms to ParentPowered PBC.

Ready4K Enrollment form English

Ready4K Enrollment form Spanish

Request an copy of the Ready4K Enrollment (Excel) Spreadsheet by contacting Enid at or submit information via the form below.

Where do the enrollment forms get sent to?

Please e-mail (a) the enrollment spreadsheet with parent information and (b) the enrollment forms to If scanning isn’t an option, you can mail the forms to this address:

ParentPowered PBC
Attn: Enrollment
10 Mulberry Ct #3
Belmont, CA 94002

Who enrolls the participants?

Parent Powered PBS will take your spreadsheet with parent information and upload it into our system. Spreadsheets received on Thursdays by 3pm PST will be setup to start receiving messages the following Monday.

What does the library do with the enrollment template?

Parent information from the enrollment forms should be entered into the enrollment template. The template can then be e-mailed to Parent Powered PBV at This is an important step because they can’t enroll families unless their information is entered into a spreadsheet.

When is the program beginning?

Spreadsheets received on Thursdays by 3pm PST will start receiving messages the following Monday. For example, if they receive your spreadsheet on Tuesday, 9/27, your families will start receiving messages on Monday, 10/3. The reason for the delay is messages within each week build on each other, so we like to start families off with the first (Monday) message of the week (vs. starting with the Wednesday or Friday message). 

Is there an end date for enrollment?

You can continue to enroll families throughout the year! Simply enter information for new enrollees into the spreadsheet and send it to

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