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Bookpoints is available to all Virginia Libraries.

Please read a welcome message from Jim Craner, our Galecia Company support contact:
Hi Virginia Libraries!

I’m Jim, and on behalf of the BookPoints team, I’d like to welcome you to our 2018 summer reading season!  We’re looking forward to supporting your summer reading efforts across the state.  Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help improve your experience.

We’ve prepared a detailed checklist of what to expect over the next several weeks.  The following process will help you create accounts on our support website, register for training classes, and eventually customize your summer reading program’s URL.

** a) Identify who will be participating on your Summer Reading Setup Team.  This is usually 1-2 people in a small library system and can be up to half a dozen people in a large library system.

Each librarian that will be participating in the BookPoints setup process should create their own user account on the bookpoints.org support site.  This will allow you to register for training events, sign up for private training appointments, and allows us to send you important emails.

Note: only the 1-5 people who will help with spring *setup* should create accounts.  You do NOT need to have every librarian in your library system create accounts.  Accounts can be created here:


** b) One librarian from each library will complete the 2018 On-boarding form on behalf of their library.  This form provides some basic information about your program, such as your preferred URL.  It will allow us to identify every library setup team member and confirm that they are authorized to request support from us.  This form can be found here:


** c) We’ll set up your library’s instance of the software using your preferred URL, e.g., ourtown.bookpoints.org and we will send the administrative password to the primary librarian listed on the onboarding form.  That librarian will then create staff accounts for the rest of his/her team on their custom site so that everyone can participate in setup.

** d) One librarian from each library should print out the 2018 planning worksheets and the library’s setup team should then work together to complete them.  The forms can be found here:


** e) At least one librarian — preferably all setup team members — should read the BookPoints documentation at:


** f) All librarians are eligible to sign up for training events.  Our training calendar will be released March 1st here:


** g) At least one librarian from each library — preferably all setup team members — should sign up for the “Info for 2018 Hosting Clients” mailing list to stay informed of important updates, training opportunities, and new website features:


** h) Librarians will begin setting up their summer reading websites, contacting us for assistance as needed.  We’ll work with you to make sure your site is ready and your staff trained before your program “goes live!”

Again, welcome aboard from all of us and please let us know if we can do anything to help!  Happy summer reading!
Jim Craner, jim@galecia.com


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