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clipart two people hikingThe Library of Virginia supports informal learning with a collaborative project with the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation and the Science Museum.  The project provides nature-themed backpacks designed to help families, Scout groups, home schoolers and other groups explore nature and learn science concepts while visiting a Virginia State Park.  Ideally four backpacks would be placed in a library branch and be checkout for at least two weeks using a Virginia Public Library card.

Backpacks will be evaluated by having the patron complete an evaluation form when the backpack is returned to the Library.

Lost or missing items will be charged to the patron’ s library card.

For more information please contact Enid Costley or 804.692.3765

We are accepting requests for the 2017 Nature Backpacks for libraries who did not participate in 2016.

REQUEST up to 4 nature backpacks per library building.

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OCLC Nature Backpack Record
Please use the OCLC record number to catalog the Nature Backpack and Park Passes.  Library staff may also send the record as an .mrc file.

OCLC Survival Nature Backpack Record
Please use the OCLC to catalog the Survival Skills Nature Backpack and Park Pass.  Library staff may also send the record as an .mrc file.


Each backpack will need to be replenished with a ½ page survey form, it should be printed so English is on one side, Spanish on the other. These questionnaires are designed to be brief (6 question) surveys, which can remain anonymous. The information will help us report the success of the program to the funders and program partners. Please collect the surveys and send them to Library of Virginia 800 East Broad Street Richmond, VA 23219 Attention LDND Nature Backpacks. May also be scanned and sent to

We would also appreciate any thoughts, input or suggestions you have on the use and handling of the backpacks. Please feel free to include that information so we can include details on how the process and programming works from the Library’s point of view.

Please let Enid Costley ( know if you have any questions or concerns. She will work with various stakeholders to help make this a program that will support Libraries in reaching and encouraging audiences to explore the world around them!

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Participating Libraries

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