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RBdigital Magazines (Zinio)

RBdigital Magazines (formerly known as Zinio) is a electronic newsstand that offers digital downloads of popular magazines. Patrons create accounts and access titles through their local library’s subscription. Magazines can be downloaded onto a patron’s computer and even read offline using mobile apps for IOS and Android devices.

With the app there is a library picker so when you are logging in it asks you to select which library your account is with. For public libraries who have set up their own Zinio URLs the library name will be listed. For the libraries using the main Library of Virginia URL patrons will need to select Library of Virginia as their library.

About Zinio and FAQs Guide to setting up and using your Zinio account
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Downloadable Marketing Materials

Create an Account

Zinio can only be accessed by patrons whose local libraries are subscribed to Zinio. Patrons create accounts using their library card and by entering their general information onto the website. The create account link can be found in the top right corner of their homepage.

Zinio Admin

Contact Zinio

Patron Support is available via phone: (877-77-AUDIO / 877-772-8346)

Patron Support is available via email:

Technical Support for Zinio


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