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Pay It Forward: Improving Work Life Today and Tomorrow Through Succession Planning

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March 28, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Nan Carmack

Like any other organization, libraries need to be prepared for staffing transitions, whether expected or unexpected.  Pay It Forward helps ease staffing changes by suggesting practical approaches that help pave the way for new personnel and lessen the learning curve.

Attendees will consider succession-planning questions like what are the library’s annual routines? Likely budget prep, policy review, and job evaluation?.  Where are those documents found?  Which vendors does the library use for print purchases? For digital subscriptions? Is there an instruction manual for the ILS system?  How about a password management system?

Answering these questions and then assembling paper and/or online documentation helps light the path for incoming staff.  Webinar participants are sure to have “new hire” stories to share.  In fact, librry boards should work on their own brand of succession planning—Pay It Forward talks about that, too!

Bonnie McKewon is a consultant with the State Library of Iowa, stationed at the Northwest District office in Sioux City.  She provides library management training and consulting for 90 public libraries in 14 N.W. Iowa counties. Bonnie presents classes on a wide variety of topics, from presentation pointers to formulating smart survey questions; policies and planning to encouraging tech savvy trustees.  With an affinity for library board training, Bonnie has developed and presented a multi-part series of online classes titled The Boardroom.  For many years, she has presented at state and national conferences, as well as conducted board development workshops in South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, and Michigan. 

Webinar attendees will:

1)  Understand the need to develop a Pay It Forward Readiness Checklist for their own libraries

2)  Evaluate the currency and accessibility of library documents as illustrated on the Readiness Checklist

3)  Investigate software products across a variety of categories to improve library processes and projects

4)  Adopt better board recruitment and board education messaging


There will be advanced reading and homework so please register today!

This program is funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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