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Hiring and Orienting New Public Library Directors

Trustee Toolkit: Hiring a Library Director is intended for use by library board members or trustees who are faced with the important task of hiring a new leader to run their library. The need for a comprehensive resource was addressed by creating this user-friendly toolkit. Hiring a director is one of the primary responsibilities of many boards. A process is important for success, setting a trajectory for the future course of the library and the community it serves. While the hiring process may be prescribed by local state and municipal laws and rules, the toolkit materials were created and selected because they apply broadly to most situations. Sample tools and templates are a starting point for boards and are intended to be modified for local use. The resource includes many templates, including sample job descriptions, recommended interview questions, and a sample offer letter.

Public Library Directors 101 series of on-demand webinar recordings introduces the many and unique facets of public library directorship. Four recordings provide a broad overview that both inform and inspire. “Your New Role” covers ethics, values, and leadership – all important traits for public library directors. The “Community Relations” module introduces marketing, public relations, and outreach from the public library director perspective. The third installment of the series “Planning and Project Management” discusses essential steps in the strategic planning process, the benefits of strategic planning, and tools for successful project management. The final module, “Asset Management” covers management of the varied assets of library systems, including staff, buildings, collections, and budget. The modules vary in length from 11 to 28 minutes.

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